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Moving Medford Forward.


Updated Infrastructure

For as long as David can remember, Medford’s roads and sidewalks have always looked the same – full of pot holes and uneven pavement. Though Medford has a total of 719 roads, only nine of them have been fully repaved over the past four years! Medford deserves leaders who will make sure residents get the services we pay for, and ensure that no community, especially minority communities, are left behind. Simultaneously we must commit future infrastructure plans to prioritize a green future - creating more jobs and climate resiliency right here in Medford. 


As a member of the City Council, David will work with the city to identify roads most in need of repair, allocate funds to cover their reconstruction, and create a quick and reasonable timeline for repavement while utilizing climate resilient materials. In order to have roads that work for both cars and bikes - we must start with avenues that are safe and comfortable.


Our infrastructure doesn’t stop at our roads – it extends to our school system. As a graduate of the Medford Public Schools’ system, David experienced firsthand the lack of funding our schools face. This begins by looking at what facilities we can update at Medford High School to ensure students are learning in a modern, properly ventilated, temperature controlled building. 

Teachers and educators across the city work hard to give students the best education they can, but they lack resources and a solid infrastructure to back them up. Our budget speaks volumes about our priorities, and we need a budget that reflects our values: Namely, our children deserve the best education they can get.


Robust City Communications

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed how information can quite literally be the difference between life and death. We deserve reliable, clear, and consistent communication from our leaders. David spent his career serving as the Press Secretary and Digital Director for Congresswoman Lori Trahan, where he learned the importance of keeping residents consistently and proactively informed of government resources.


David is running to revamp and reboot our municipal communications. Information and services must be reliable and accessible to all residents. Too often are some of our most marginalized communities kept in the dark on the workings of their government. David believes Medford needs a 3-1-1 system, a telephone number that will grant easy access to non-emergency municipal services, and Medford must make its services more digitally accessible.

David will fight to make it easy for all Medford residents to access their government, ensure the city provides translation for non-native English speakers, work to establish city-wide broadband across Medford, and bolster disability services through all government communications. It’s time for Medford to enter the 21st century and provide modern communications for ALL residents with ease of access to government services directly from their homes.


A Strong Local Economy

Medford Square sits in the heart of our city and is the home of many beloved small businesses, but for years now it has been neglected. Prior to the pandemic, steps were being taken to breathe new life into the Square, like the new management of the Chevalier or the revitalization of Riverside Park. But now it seems that things have come to a halt. As we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, we have to ask ourselves: Do we want to reopen Medford Square the same as it’s always been, or do we want to reopen stronger and more strategic than before?


Having a lively, desirable downtown is not just some pipe-dream, it’s a real possibility. The beautiful Mystic River runs directly through the center of Medford, yet we have failed to fully emphasize this majestic attraction. Medford Square is less than a mile from Tufts University, but there is no effort made to attract students to our small businesses. David believes that taking thoughtful steps to cultivate Medford Square will bring together our community and stimulate our economy. 


Another necessary change is the need for businesses that reflect all of Medford. We need to encourage and support businesses run by residents from all walks of life, making Medford Square representative of our whole community.

This vision for the future of Medford will grow along with our campaign. We’ve talked to thousands of residents, workers, and community members already, and will talk to thousands more over the course of our campaign. Together, our voices and demands will shape the policies and conversations brought to City Council, so that we can change Medford for the better. Stay tuned for more information in the months to come!

Green Nature


Part of what makes Medford such a special city is its green spaces. From local parks to the ready accessibility to the Fells, Medford is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the area. 


As concerns about the environment continue to mount, it is vital that we do our part in the fight against deforestation and climate change. As City Councilor, David will fight hard for the preservation of our environment and expanding the local tree canopy. Too many portions of our city have been neglected, leaving over 500 tree stumps across the City of Medford. Those should be 500 trees that are living today. 

As City Councilor, David will work to expand our forestry budget. Through this adjustment, Medford can begin to remove invasive species and prioritize introducing native tress and plants as we move forward in expanding our tree canopy and reducing heat islands city-wide. 


The good news is: Everyone wants to live in Medford! The bad news is skyrocketing property values and increased rental rates create a financial barrier, forcing longtime residents out of their homes and preventing new families from joining the Medford community. As a young professional who one day hopes to raise a family of his own in Medford, this is a concern that David is all too familiar with.


David believes in order to fight the unwanted effects of gentrification, we need to ensure that people from a variety of income brackets can afford to live here. We need to expand our housing supply in order to accommodate everyone who calls the City of Medford home while ensuring we are moving forward in our own way. David is determined to take a critical look at what zoning practices can best serve all of Medford’s residents, especially in areas like Mystic Ave, where we will not push out current residents but only welcome new ones!


Mental health is a serious issue that our culture overlooks far too often. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health is an increasing problem for all communities, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or age.


As a member of the City Council, David will prioritize the funding of mental health resources, and work to ensure revamped city services are easily accessible to everyone.

All Hands In


David believes we need leaders who realize racial equity is critical to our future success here in Medford, as this is a city made up of many different individuals. That is why it is essential that racial equity is embedded in all policy decisions our public leaders make.


Our city needs leaders who keep the intersection of systemic racism and policy goals front of mind when making decisions for the entire population and David will be sure to do exactly that when introducing legislation. We need a city council that is reaching out to all corners of the city and getting input from every population.


Medford has not had a charter review in nearly 40 years. Most municipalities look at this at least once a decade. David believes we need a commission of residents to review our charter to examine the use of ward representation, term limits, and the power balance between the city executive and city council. The time for proper representation at City Hall is now, and it is David’s belief that we need leaders who are putting the health of the city’s democracy before their personal needs and success.

Construction Managers


Through his work as a former staffer to Medford Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke and Congresswoman Lori Trahan (MA-3), David has seen the unquestionable impact unions have on the lives of working families and all populations. David is incredibly proud that Medford is a working class community and wants to ensure Medford families can find good union jobs right here in Medford. It is his belief that our elected leaders must listen to our workers, support them, and empower them to stand together as they bargain for fairer wages, benefits, and working conditions.


Medford wouldn’t be the city it is today without the contributions of our seniors, and it is long past time that we show them the attention and respect they deserve. David believes that our seniors need better, more accessible resources to live a comfortable life. This includes increased public transportation options to reach everyday needs and creating accessible government services through phone and internet depending on the residents preference. Right now, our SeeClickFix system is only accessible through internet services.


Throughout his time on the campaign trail, seniors have spoken time and time again about concerns of affordability in Medford. That is why David believes that as we discuss municipal tax code, senior residents should be getting a better deal. Right now, seniors are being pushed out of Medford and into new communities simply because they are being priced out.  


As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, David is acutely aware of the problems sexual and gender minority groups face in the City of Medford. To many queer people, the world can appear hostile at worst and unwelcome at best. David is determined to create a climate of inclusion by advocating for all genders and sexualities. We must expand the support network and resources for our LGBTQIA+ siblings who are all too often vulnerable due to the current lack of support in place.



Countless residents have voiced their concerns when it comes to the increased airplane traffic and subsequent noise over the City of Medford. The city must work with Massport to promote a continued dialogue with Logan Airport to ensure concerns of residents are heard. While we have had many conversations with essential partners, we must continue to advocate for the residents of Medford until we see results. On the City Council, David will work with local, state, and federal leaders and the FAA to discover alternatives to runway 33L, the runway which impacts Medford the greatest.

Questions about our platform? Let's talk!

Thanks for getting involved!

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